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Virginia Beach Improv Comedy

The Radical Agreement Project (RA) is an improv comedy school & production company in Virginia Beach. 


We offer in person & online classes, weekly free jams and improv based professional development workshops.

Try Some Improv Today!


RA offers daily FREE improv workshops at 4 PM every day of the workweek! 


Only 30 minutes long, these workshops are perfect for first time improvisers curious about  whether improv is for them!  All are encouraged to attend as often as they like.


RA is proud to offer a core curriculum of multi-session courses and associated electives that provide a full improv education for the more serious improv student.

Fill out our prospective student form to be notified when new classes you're interested in open for enrollment.


Laugh while you learn!  Take the fun of improv comedy to work, where simple interactive exercises are used to address the development of critical business skills.

Explore RA's offerings, learn more about improv's application to the workplace or get a quote for an event!

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In Person Improv Classes

RA is proud to offer a core curriculum of multi-session courses and associated electives that provide a full improv education for the more serious improv student.  

In person classes have a $150 tuition per student and are comprised of six (6) in person sessions each with its own lesson plan which builds on the previous session's teachings, plus one (1) class show. 


Students completing RA's 4 class core curriculum will be left with a working knowledge of long form improv comedy skills, structures and history at a comparable level to the graduates of any major improv comedy theater.  The four courses making up this curriculum are:

     IMPROV 1 - Intro To Improv

     IMPROV 2 - The Game Of The Scene

     IMPROV 3 - Openings & Structures 

     IMPROV 4 - Performance Study 


From time to time, classes in specific structures, approaches and skillsets will be offered as electives.  

Dean Harris

"Terry's enthusiasm and commitment in teaching improv is phenomenal. He is a patient teacher who will give insightful notes and like the best teachers, will never, ever give up on you. Terry's Radical Agreement project offers lessons from one of the leading TEACHERS of improv, open to EVERYONE, absolutely FREE of charge. And get this - he does it EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY! No-one else on the planet is audacious (or perhaps crazy?) enough to do that! This reflects Terry's unbelievable commitment to spreading the joy of improv to as many people as possible."


"I just finished my first free workshop and I had so much fun. I liked it so much that I've literally signed up for the 8 week workshop!

I've actually been looking for this type of workshop for quite a bit and I am so glad I found RA.

Thank you Terry for creating such a positive and welcoming environment. I'll definitely be back and hope to be a regular!!"

Kathleen P

"Super fun with exercises, mini lessons, and everyone is included. Way to wind up the workday and switch gears plus be part of a worldwide, Improv community. Hope to fit a class class into my schedule in 2023. Terry is so generous with weekday 4pm offering."

Chelsea Richardson

"Just took my first free improv class today and it was a blast! Not something that I thought would have worked well on Zoom, but it was great. Terry does an amazing job facilitating, providing relevant and thoughtful notes to improve, and keeping the class moving in just 30 minutes. I can't believe it's free! I will definitely be looking into some of the more in-depth classes and am very interested in a team workshop as well."
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