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Discover the unique joy of creating comedy scenes collaboratively on the fly! 

The Radical Agreement Project is proud to offer free improv classes online each and every day of the workweek at 4 PM ET.   Workshops are focused on beginner level exercises, but may explore more advanced exercises if all of the day's participants are ready for such a challenge.  


All interested individuals are encouraged to sign up for as many as 20 free sessions!  After your first 20 sessions, you can either subscribe for $10 a month or begin taking classes in order to enjoy continued access to the dail


Reserve your slot in workshops of your choice via Eventbrite now!

Sarah Balagtas

Terry has created a welcoming environment for practicing or get started with improv. I really appreciate the expert level feedback given at the end of each scene. Terry seems to be a natural at teaching/leading with the goal of having everyone in the group grow and improve. I've also attended some classes taught by Fran. She's equally fantastic with leading the group in a way that is inclusive and fosters growth in each participant. Thanks both for the classes and feedback."

Igor Dyck

"The RA project is a great way to get started with improv comedy by taking classes on and offline - highly recommended."

Gigi Weaver

"This was 100% a great time, especially if you are interested in improv as a hobby or if you want to learn about as more of a serious thing, either way i seriously recommend it."

Lian Bond

"The Radical Agreement Project has changed my life - Curing my glossophobia one class at a time."
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