Beyond its daily free classes, RA is proud to offer a core curriculum of multi-session courses and associated electives that provide a full improv education for the more serious improv student.  

Comedy Karaoke

(Curriculum Pre Cursor)

Gain a feel for performing comedy live in this class for the first time performer!  Famous comedy scenes and bits will be used as templates for students to improvise around as they learn about spit takes, double takes, prat falls, playing the straight man, exploding cigars and pies to the face.

Core Curriculum

Students completing RA's 4 class core curriculum will be left with a working knowledge of long form improv comedy skills, structures and history at a comparable level to the graduates of any major improv comedy theater.  The four courses making up this curriculum are:

     IMPROV 1 - Intro To Improv

     IMPROV 2 - The Game Of The Scene

     IMPROV 3 - Openings & Structures 

     IMPROV 4 - Performance Study 


From time to time, classes in specific structures, approaches and skillsets will be offered as electives.  



A crash course in performing comedy!


Students will learn about basic comedy dynamics as they improvise around famous comedy scenes.

   * 8 sessions of 90 minutes each

   * 1 class show

   * Sundays @ 7 PM starting on 1/15/22

   * ONLY $120 USD 

   * Conducted over zoom

   * All times are ET

   * Taught by Terry Withers


The Game Of The Scene


Learn how to play game in long form improv comedy, the most powerful collaborative tool in improv.

   * 6 sessions of 120 minutes each

   * 1 class show

   * Wednesdays @ 7 PM starting on 1/12/22

   * ONLY $100 USD 

   * Conducted over zoom

   * All times are ET

   * Taught by Terry Withers