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Advanced Improv Training

Beyond its daily free classes, RA offers multi week classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Performance levels.  These classes are offered in 6 session packages, provided at the same time every week.  Each session is 90 minutes long and features the same students from week to week.  Each level comes with a checklist of skills and concepts students should be proficient in before moving to the next level. 





New Classes Coming Soon...


New Classes Coming Soon...

Advaced Beginner

New Classes Coming Soon...


Udi Shorr

Having taken improv classes with Terry for many months now, I am continually impressed by his ability to work with people at whatever skill level they have. His gentle, always-constructive feedback makes them feel accepted and helps them move forward from there. Which means that almost anyone can take his courses and feel confident that they will laugh while learning new skills.

Annie Bobbit

"Terry is a great educator and improvisor, so learning from him is truly a treat! Terry has helped me grow as an improvisor, built my confidence as a performer. Highly reccomend his classes!"

Oregon Johnson

"I've taken two classes and certainly feel I've grown as an improviser and performer as a result! I appreciate how accessible the courses are and how welcoming of an environment Terry creates in them. Highly recommended for beginners or longtime improvisers alike."

Adrian Davis

"I've been an avid attendee of the Radical Agreement classes for some time now. And I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I through enjoy it. A truly hands-on learning experience while still having loads of fun!"
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