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This saying is generally accredited as originating with the US Navy Seals, but it has great application, both to improv and to a host of valuable workplace skills.   

In an improv scene, this saying reminds players not to rush past the scene.  In order to be in the moment an improviser must notice everything their partner is giving them in a scene.  Every word, every nuance, every implication.

But being present requires a calm and focused mind, not a hyperactive one.  SLOW IS SMOOTH, AND SMOOTH IS FAST reminds us to keep pace with the scene, not rush ahead of it.

Take your time is the advice this saying offers us in the professional world. 


Yes, there may be situations where you feel compelled to rush.  SLOW IS SMOOTH, AND SMOOTH IS FAST cautions us that rushing might make us slower.

By working at a more reasonable pace, we can be certain to get the basics right.  This builds a foundation in our work that supports greater and greater efficiency.  

Conversely, when we try to do too much in too little time, we often skip steps or badly execute them.  This results in a need to repeat work, slowing progress down considerably.


SLOW IS SMOOTH, AND SMOOTH IS FAST can be used as teaching mantra for a wide variety of learning goals that might be pursued during an improv based professional development workshop.  Related focuses include Communication, Listening, Staying-In-The-Moment, Agility-In-The-Face-Of-The-Unexpected and more.

Good exercises to bring up SLOW IS SMOOTH, AND SMOOTH IS FAST include:

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