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Bring the experience of a lifetime to your office in Dover, DE



The professional development and corporate events arm of The Radical Agreement Project, IMPROV(ED) LEARNING utilizes a national network of improv experts in order to bring the best facilitators to your Dover, DE events!


Improv can be used to advance the development of any soft skill. ​​

  • Team Building

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Presentation Skills

  • Sales

  • Storytelling

  • Agility (In The Face Of The Unexpected)

  • Working w/ Difficult People


Our Services In Dover, DE



Our 90-120 minute interactive workshops are perfect for teams of 6-20.  For larger groups, multiple instructors can be provided to run concurrent workshops.  

Engagements can include pre & post workshop exercises and materials.  All workshops include extensive consultation with the workshop instructor.  

Available anywhere in the continental US and Canada.



Looking for a learning event that can address groups as large as 100 to 300 professionals?  Our 60-90 minute interactive improv lectures engage large groups while sharing valuable workplace strategies.

Available anywhere in the continental US and Canada.




Looking to make the next quarterly meeting just a bit more bearable?

Whether you are in the market for an emcee, a stand up, sketch comedy or a live improv comedy show, we can get you the absolute best up and coming comedians for your event! 

Available anywhere in the continental US and Canada.



Our 60 minute online workshops work well for smaller groups of 6-12 participants and can be run on any video conferencing software. 


Virtual workshops can include pre-workshop exercises, post workshop materials, and consultation with the workshop instructor.  

Available anywhere a good internet connection is accessible.


Led by the best improv instructors 

Thanks to RA's extensive contacts within the improv industry, only the best improv instructors will help facilitate your event in Dover, DE.  

Improv is fun.

We take it seriously.

Rebecca Turcotte,

HR Director

"The Radical Agreement Project provides activities that allow a group to learn collaboration skills, by supporting their team members in a positive and uplifting way. It is also, therefore, a useful way of building team communication and cohesion, by helping people communicate in an open, honest and constructive way."

Dennis DiMaggio,

Chief Learning Officer

"Terry brings great insights to applying Improv principles to leadership, communication, and teamwork challenges."

Eran Arbel,

Asst Director Talent Management & Development

"Terry is absolutely fantastic! He gets people to participate, has great feedback, and fun exercises to move things along."

Michelle Fischer,

Director of Strategic Communications & HR

"Terry is great! He takes a very creative approach to solving common work place challenges. He has the ability to engage and bring a team together in a positive fashion with the objective of helping them to realize their full potential. He is fun to work with!"
We serve the greater Dover area, including Downtown Dover, Dover Air Force Base area, Silver Lake, Camden, Smyrna, Harrington, Wyoming

Dover Specific Workshop Options

We offer all industry standard improv based workshops, including workshops focused on team building, communication, agility in the face of the unexpected, presentation skills, listening, sales training, customer service training, working with difficult people, leadership training, new manager training, storytelling and more!

Over the years we have been asked to create Dover specific workshops.  Below are some of our past creations. Feel free to order one of these Dover inspired improv workshops or ask us to tailor a workshop specifically to your needs!

Legislative Leadership: Communication & Negotiation

Description: Step into the world of legislative leadership in Dover while honing communication and negotiation skills. Participants will engage in improv scenarios set in landmarks like Legislative Hall or the Governor's Mansion, exploring the art of persuasion, diplomacy, and consensus-building. By practicing active listening, empathy, and effective communication techniques, attendees will enhance their ability to influence and negotiate in corporate settings.

Soft Skills Focus: Communication, Negotiation, Diplomacy

Capital Collaboration: Team Building & Conflict Resolution

Description: Immerse yourself in the heart of Delaware's capital city and focus on teamwork and conflict resolution. Participants will participate in improv exercises set in venues like Silver Lake Park or the Old State House, emphasizing the importance of trust, collaboration, and constructive conflict management in achieving team goals. By fostering a culture of open communication and mutual respect, attendees will strengthen their ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics and drive team success.

Soft Skills Focus: Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Collaboration

Corporate Courtroom Chronicles: Decision-Making & Strategic Thinking

Description: Explore the corporate world's legal challenges with a focus on decision-making and strategic thinking. Participants will engage in improv scenarios set in venues like the Delaware Supreme Court or the Court of Chancery, exploring complex business dilemmas and legal considerations. By analyzing real-world scenarios and practicing critical thinking skills, attendees will enhance their ability to make sound decisions and develop strategic plans to mitigate risk and achieve business objectives.

Soft Skills Focus: Decision-Making, Strategic Thinking, Problem-Solving


Historic Heritage: Leadership & Adaptability

Description: Delve into Dover's rich historical heritage while developing leadership and adaptability skills. Participants will engage in improv exercises set in landmarks like the John Dickinson Plantation or the First State Heritage Park, drawing inspiration from past leaders and historical events. By embracing the lessons of history and applying them to modern-day challenges, attendees will enhance their leadership capabilities and adaptability in the face of change.

Soft Skills Focus: Leadership, Adaptability, Historical Perspective


Dover Wellness Workshop: Stress Management & Resilience

Description: Prioritize well-being and resilience in the corporate world with a focus on stress management and self-care. Participants will participate in improv activities set against the backdrop of natural beauty spots like Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge or Killens Pond State Park, learning techniques for stress reduction, mindfulness, and emotional resilience. By fostering a culture of well-being and balance, attendees will enhance their ability to manage stress, stay focused, and maintain peak performance.

Soft Skills Focus: Stress Management, Well-being, Resilience

These workshops will seamlessly integrate Dover, DE's cultural landmarks, inside jokes, phrases, and personas into engaging and relevant learning experiences for modern-day professionals. Each session will be thoughtfully framed as a corporate training workshop, designed to cultivate essential soft skills while celebrating the unique charm and character of Dover, DE.

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