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Improv(ed) Learning is happy to offer fun professional development & team building workshops in Omaha, in person and virtual options available.

Bring the experience of a lifetime to your office in Omaha!



The professional development and corporate events arm of The Radical Agreement Project, IMPROV(ED) LEARNING utilizes a national network of improv experts in order to bring the best facilitators to your Omaha events!

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Improv can be used to advance the development of any soft skill. ​​

  • Team Building

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Presentation Skills

  • Sales

  • Storytelling

  • Agility (In The Face Of The Unexpected)

  • Working w/ Difficult People

Our Services In Omaha



Our 90-120 minute interactive workshops are perfect for teams of 6-20. For larger groups, multiple instructors can be provided to run concurrent workshops.

Engagements can include pre & post workshop exercises and materials. All workshops include extensive consultation with the workshop instructor.

Available anywhere in the continental US and Canada.



Looking for a learning event that can address groups as large as 100 to 300 professionals? Our 60-90 minute interactive improv lectures engage large groups while sharing valuable workplace strategies.

Available anywhere in the continental US and Canada.



Looking to make the next quarterly meeting just a bit more bearable?

Whether you are in the market for an emcee, a stand up, sketch comedy or a live improv comedy show, we can get you the absolute best up and coming comedians for your event!

Available anywhere in the continental US and Canada.



Our 60 minute online workshops work well for smaller groups of 6-12 participants and can be run on any video conferencing software.

Virtual workshops can include pre-workshop exercises, post workshop materials, and consultation with the workshop instructor.

Available anywhere a good internet connection is accessible.

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Led by the best improv instructors 

Thanks to RA's extensive contacts within the improv industry, only the best improv instructors will help facilitate your event in Omaha.

Improv is fun.

We take it seriously.

Rebecca Turcotte,

HR Director

"The Radical Agreement Project provides activities that allow a group to learn collaboration skills, by supporting their team members in a positive and uplifting way. It is also, therefore, a useful way of building team communication and cohesion, by helping people communicate in an open, honest and constructive way."

Dennis DiMaggio,

Chief Learning Officer

"Terry brings great insights to applying Improv principles to leadership, communication, and teamwork challenges."

Eran Arbel,

Asst Director Talent Management & Development

"Terry is absolutely fantastic! He gets people to participate, has great feedback, and fun exercises to move things along."

Michelle Fischer,

Director of Strategic Communications & HR

"Terry is great! He takes a very creative approach to solving common work place challenges. He has the ability to engage and bring a team together in a positive fashion with the objective of helping them to realize their full potential. He is fun to work with!"

We serve the greater Omaha area, including Downtown Omaha, Midtown Crossing, Aksarben Village, Dundee, Blackstone District, West Omaha, Old Market, Millard, Elkhorn, Papillion

Omaha Specific Workshop Options

We offer all industry standard improv based workshops, including workshops focused on team building, communication, agility in the face of the unexpected, presentation skills, listening, sales training, customer service training, working with difficult people, leadership training, new manager training, storytelling and more.

Over the years we have been asked to create Omaha specific workshops.  Below are some of our past creations. Feel free to order one of these Omaha inspired improv workshops or ask us to tailor a workshop specifically to your needs!

Workshop Name: "Bridge to Collaboration"

Inspiration Location: Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Description: This workshop takes inspiration from the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, a symbol of connection between Omaha, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Participants will engage in improvisational exercises focused on building bridges of communication and collaboration within teams. Just as the bridge spans the Missouri River, participants will learn to bridge gaps in understanding, foster teamwork, and strengthen interpersonal relationships. Skills:

  1. Communication: Improving verbal and non-verbal communication skills to enhance collaboration.

  2. Teamwork: Learning to work effectively in teams and leverage individual strengths.

  3. Adaptability: Practicing flexibility and adaptability in navigating diverse team dynamics.

  4. Problem-Solving: Developing creative problem-solving abilities through interactive scenarios.

  5. Empathy: Cultivating empathy and understanding to foster a supportive team environment.

Workshop Name: "Innovation Odyssey"

Inspiration Location: Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum

Description: Inspired by the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum, this workshop encourages participants to explore new horizons of creativity and innovation. Through improvisational activities, participants will tap into their imagination, embrace risk-taking, and cultivate a mindset of innovation. Just as aerospace pioneers pushed the boundaries of flight, participants will learn to think outside the box and propel their teams towards innovative solutions. Skills:

  1. Creativity: Unlocking creative potential and generating innovative ideas.

  2. Risk-Taking: Embracing calculated risks and learning from failure as part of the innovation process.

  3. Critical Thinking: Developing critical thinking skills to evaluate and refine innovative concepts.

  4. Leadership: Fostering leadership qualities to guide teams through the innovation journey.

  5. Resilience: Building resilience to overcome setbacks and persevere in the pursuit of innovative solutions.

Workshop Name: "Cultural Kaleidoscope"

Inspiration Location: Old Market District

Description: Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and diverse Old Market District, this workshop celebrates the richness of cultural diversity and encourages participants to embrace different perspectives. Through improvisational exercises, participants will explore the value of inclusivity, cultural awareness, and empathy in the workplace. Just as the Old Market District brings together various cultures, participants will learn to appreciate the diversity within their teams and leverage it as a source of strength. Skills:

  1. Cultural Competence: Developing an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and backgrounds.

  2. Inclusive Communication: Practicing communication strategies that foster inclusivity and respect for diverse viewpoints.

  3. Collaboration Across Differences: Learning to collaborate effectively with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

  4. Conflict Resolution: Building skills to address and resolve conflicts that may arise from cultural differences.

  5. Empathy: Cultivating empathy towards colleagues with different perspectives and experiences.

Workshop Name: "Performance Excellence"

Inspiration Location: College World Series

Description: Inspired by the competitive spirit of the College World Series, this workshop focuses on driving individual and team performance to new heights. Through improvisational activities, participants will learn strategies for goal setting, motivation, and peak performance. Just as athletes strive for excellence on the baseball diamond, participants will discover how to maximize their potential and achieve success in the workplace. Skills:

  1. Goal Setting: Setting clear and achievable goals to drive performance and productivity.

  2. Motivation: Understanding different sources of motivation and applying strategies to stay focused and driven.

  3. Resilience: Building resilience to overcome challenges and setbacks in pursuit of goals.

  4. Time Management: Enhancing time management skills to prioritize tasks and maximize efficiency.

  5. Performance Feedback: Providing and receiving constructive feedback to continuously improve performance.

Workshop Name: "Art of Influence"

Inspiration Location: Joslyn Art Museum

Description: Taking inspiration from the Joslyn Art Museum, this workshop explores the art of influence and persuasion in professional settings. Through improvisational exercises, participants will learn techniques for effective communication, persuasion, and negotiation. Just as artists use creativity to evoke emotion in their audience, participants will develop skills to influence others and drive positive outcomes in their work. Skills:

  1. Persuasive Communication: Developing strategies for clear, persuasive communication to influence others.

  2. Negotiation Skills: Learning negotiation techniques to reach win-win outcomes in professional interactions.

  3. Active Listening: Enhancing active listening skills to understand others' perspectives and tailor persuasive messages.

  4. Assertiveness: Building assertiveness to confidently express ideas and opinions while respecting others.

  5. Relationship Building: Cultivating strong relationships and rapport to enhance influence and collaboration.

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